Take your healthcare practice on the journey of digital transformation with integrated information flow and big data intelligence.

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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Data is at the crux of all business intelligence. Without relevant and accessible data, your strategic decision making process is blind and misguided.

Identify, establish, and tap into the most crucial data sources of your healthcare practice with hBITS’ connected intelligence solutions.

  • Create an inter-connected network of apps and devices for seamless data flow
  • Consolidate and manage all business data from a custom-built, integrated platform
  • Access predictive models for decision making supported by advanced data analytics

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Connect The Dots

A network of software, applications, devices, and external data sources already exists within your organization. What you need is to connect all these varied data sources to truly unlock the value and opportunities that business data holds.

  • Integrate all apps, devices and data sources for faster data flow
  • In-cloud, on-premises, or on-device data integration
  • Limit data loss and improve data migration efficiency

With Connected Intelligence solutions by hBITS, you can establish a seamless network of data sources that are most critical and relevant for your business.

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Unprecedented Visibility & Control

Empower your decision making with greater process visibility and exceptional control over organizational information flow.

  • Manage data of different kinds and formats on a single platform
  • Reduce data inconsistencies and establish logical data governance
  • Provide user role-based data access and control across the organization

Nurture long-term customer relationships by understanding their expectations, and providing them consistent value with hBITS’ Connected Intelligence solutions.

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Actionable Insights With Analytics

Assume the pro-active stance in strategic decision making with data-backed predictive models. Forecast business needs, operational requirements and customer demand with advanced analytics.

  • Access real-time data intelligence for system optimization
  • Discover opportunities to innovate, transform and grow organizational value
  • Optimize customer experience by taking actions based on data driven insights

Create a sustainable ecosystem of using data intelligence for taking progressive actions with hBITS’ Connected Intelligence solutions.

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Why Choose hBITS Connected Intelligence?

Connected Intelligence by hBITS are tailor-made digital transformation solutions for your healthcare practice. We offer deep process review and consulting to set up data integration and intelligence platforms, even for organization with no precedence of data management.

  • Identify the most meaningful data sources from your existing system
  • Maximally utilize existing data network and APIs within the practice
  • Set-up data sources from scratch, when key pre-requisites are missing
  • Establish unified platform for data consolidation, management, and analysis
  • Transform raw data into business intelligence and access real-time insights
  • Achieve operational excellence with streamlined data flow across the board
  • Ensure complete data privacy, security, and compliance

Don’t limit your data utilization with off-the-shelf connected intelligence products. Co-create data opportunities with hBITS and realize the truly transformative power of a digitally empowered practice.