Optimize your resource utilization to ensure quality of care, while maintaining a great working environment for care providers.

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Understanding Resource Utilization

Utilizing healthcare resources optimally is like balancing on a sword. Under-utilization of assets and resources can cause your practice to lose money. Staff and facilities can have idle time which could have otherwise been used for generating revenue and delivering care. Similarly, over-utilization of resources can negatively impact care quality. Staff and facilities can be over-extended, increasing chances of manual errors or process failures in care delivery.

A fine balance is, therefore, necessary to keep your practice running smoothly and profitably. However, there are several challenges that healthcare providers face in managing their resources.

  • Lack of data-backed unified view of resource availability and allocation
  • Insufficient analysis of cost drivers and areas of improvement
  • Unreliable and delayed reporting of department performance and facility utilization
  • Inadequate digitization and analytics for process optimization

These could lead to systemic resource mismanagement and drain a healthcare practice over long-term. There is an undeniable need for healthcare providers to identify, accept, and tackle these challenges to maximize their operational and financial performance.

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Why Choose hBITS Resource Utilization?

One of the biggest challenge in optimal resource utilization is that care providers are often unaware of over or under utilization. If you have diagnosed the problem already, then you need a process and data partner who can help you overcome the problems inherent to your processes.

And hBITS Resource Utilization consulting and solutions are designed for just that.

  • Establish data network and consolidation platform for visibility of all resources
  • Install relevant analytics and metrics to measure resource utilization
  • Generate data backed utilization reports and trends for decision making
  • Monitor staffing needs, by automatically flagging over and under utilization
  • Tracking facility utilization in real time and routing patient traffic accordingly

Experience increased cumulative returns, cost savings, and optimally engaged staff across the departments with hBITS Resource Utilization solutions. Sustainably improve the quality of care by measuring contributing factors and manage them with ease.

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