Design and deliver evidence-based healthcare solutions for your patients, by collecting real-time data and monitoring treatment effectiveness on the go.

On-Demand Assessments and Data Collection

Organize comprehensive assessments to determine patient care needs and treatment requirements. With our state of the art, mobile responsive application, you can capture patient data in real-time and consolidate it for future access and reference.

  • Collect skills deficit data in-class
  • Track Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • Facilitate team communication with seamless data flow

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Data-backed Treatment Planning

Provide autism treatment and skill training to patients through tailor-made care programs, based on patient needs and behavior. Capture critical behavioral indicators to support treatment planning and communicate specific patient needs to care providers.

  • Create extensive and long-term treatment plans
  • Easy implementation of planned treatment by entire team
  • Organize behavior interventions to maximize treatment impact

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Real Time Reporting and Analytics

Minimize manual data collection, analysis, and reporting by completely automating your data management process. Generate customizable reports through advanced data analytics and establish center-wide data accessibility.

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface for report generation
  • Monitor patient progress and treatment modifications
  • Track funding sources and maintain information transparency

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