Modulate and transfer organization-wide data for real-time access, secure management, and ready usability across devices.

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Need for Data Modulation

Data modulation is the process of converting digital signals into analog signals and vice versa. As computer networks store and process data in different formats, data modulation becomes a necessary process for organizations handling massive data on a daily basis. Different data modulation techniques include:

  • Amplitude Modulation
  • Frequency Modulation
  • Phase Modulation
  • Polarization Modulation
  • Quadrature amplitude Modulation
  • Pulse mode Modulation

Keeping this functionality inhouse is nearly impossible for all organizations, as data modulation requires specialized hardware, software, and process knowledge. A data modulation partner can in fact easily handle all types of modulation, and prepare your data for storage and usage across devices and platforms.

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Meticulously Planned Data Transfer

With millions of transactions happening every day, businesses need efficient systems to store and access data. Although data of critical importance and repeat usage can be maintained on-site, organizations often need back-up data centers to store their archival data. This necessitates cyclic data transfer from one facility to another, either online or offline.

Online data transfer solutions are cloud dependent, whereas offline data services can entail disk or appliance-based data transfer. The risk of data security, network costs, connection unreliability, and lengthy transfer times can surface in regular data transfer. Therefore, there is a need for meticulous planning, choosing the right data transfer platform and partner to execute it efficiently.

Why Choose hBITS for Data Transfer and Modulation?

hBITS Data Transfer and Modulation services are designed to address every single pain-point which organizations face while handling large magnitude of data. We investigate your data-related concerns and come up with custom solutions to safely and economically transfer your data.

  • Effective data modulation for future use, storage, and accessibility
  • Cloud data transfer for daily backups and archive maintenance
  • Device-based data transfer for large data sets, in secure and agile environment
  • Global market coverage for extensive service and support
  • Data tagging and monitoring services to manage infrastructure performance
  • Automated alerts and notifications to update about data movements
  • End-to-end data encryption for secure handling and user privacy
  • 24X7 service team on call for rigorous data management

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