Become an industry leader with business intelligence generated through effective data warehousing and advanced analytics.

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Understanding Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is the output of a technology-driven process that transforms raw data into useful information for business decision making. BI can be used to manage business operations by generating historic, current and predicted data backed insights. Core BI functions comprise of:

  • Data Mining and Benchmarking
  • Data Preparation
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Modelling and Visualization
  • Data Warehousing and Integration

Used right, data-backed business intelligence can help you in effectively managing process compliance, resource optimization, product development, and hiring efforts. However, it takes focused investment of time and resources to develop internal competencies of generating BI.

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The Need For Data Warehousing

One of the biggest reasons why businesses fail to generate BI and take data-backed decisions is the lack of quality data. Without systematically collected data that can be accessed at any point in time, it is nearly impossible to perform any advanced analytics and generate business intelligence.

That’s why, to begin with, there is a need for Data Warehousing (DW) for collecting and managing data from varied sources. Developing internal data warehousing capabilities can enable:

  • Quick access to organization wide data
  • Enhanced data quality and standardization
  • Historical data storage and access for a month over month analysis
  • Big data exploration for sales and market forecasts
  • User specific and cross-functional data accessibility
  • Enhanced data analytics with reduced errors and deviations

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Why Choose hBITS Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Consulting?

Setting up internal data warehousing abilities without a consulting partner, may mean that you will have to wait years before your business data can be automatically processed into BI.

hBITS Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence consulting services are designed to cut-short this time and fast-track your organization in setting up internal data collection network, as well as warehousing and analytics capabilities.

  • Team of Data Warehousing and Analytics Experts for Consulting
  • Industry-Specific Data Needs Identification for Custom Solutions
  • Setup Of Data Gathering Capabilities From Scratch (if required)
  • Advanced and Automated Data Analytics for Generation of BI
  • Customized and Real Time BI Reports for Decision Making
  • Build Intuitive Dashboard for Tailor-made BI Report Generation
  • End-To-End Data Management Support with Staff Training

Partner with hBITS today for your Data Warehousing and BI needs.

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