Let us help you build custom healthcare management solutions to take your practice to the next level of designing and delivering quality care.

Healthcare Quality Matrix

Devise Scientific Metrics to Measure Healthcare Quality

Healthcare Quality Matrix enable providers, patients, and all other involved stakeholders in determining care quality of an institution. Determinants of the quality matrix can depend on the type of care being offered by an institution. Use the custom-built healthcare quality matrix by hBITS for strategic planning, service design, and policy development.

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Clinical Data Insights

Real-time Data Insights for Effective Management

Clinical data insights provide unparalleled strategic advantage and empower your decision making. For every practice, however, defining the right data sources, using the best analytical approach, and identifying useful data insights has to be a personalized process. hBITS’ Clinical Data Insights platform helps you analyze patient and operational data, offering practical insights and information.

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Connected Intelligence

Connect the Dots for Deeper Process Visibility

Connect all distributed data sources across provider facilities and consumer devices to generate data intelligence. Mine into patient needs, provider constraints, payor practices, and operational trends to base design healthcare solutions of impact. With hBITS Connected Intelligence solutions, no information of consequence for your practice will ever go unnoticed.

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Resource Utilization

Optimize Return on Your Resources with Effective Utilization

Human resources and care facilities cumulatively determine the care quality, operational efficiency and ROI of your practice. Automate resource onboarding and allocation and activate superior resource utilization, powered by data-based trends and predictive models. Tailor-made Resource Utilization solutions by hBITS map your current and projected resources and develop intuitive models for utilization.

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Efficiency Matrix

Evaluate and Elevate Healthcare System Efficiency

Healthcare system efficiency is measured in terms of treatment quality, procedure safety, timeliness, effectiveness, and patient experience. Capture all critical efficiency parameters, to meet compliance and continually improve care quality, with hBITS Efficiency Matrix solutions. Delve deep into what makes your practice efficient and work on operational factors of relevance.

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Healthcare Data Collection

Capture Patient Data for Treatment Design and Delivery

Healthcare data collection is not only a regulatory requirement, it enables care providers in optimizing patient care experience. Capture healthcare data from various internal and external resources, manage it on a unified platform, and remotely access it for offering relevant and superior care. Experience seamless data collection, advanced analytics, and real-time reporting with hBITS Healthcare Data Collection solutions.

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Clinical Reporting

Custom-built and Automated Reporting Formats

Clinical reporting is an inseparable part of healthcare system, supporting audit, payment and claim functions. With the need for continually creating and managing thousands of clinical reports, compliant to payors’ requirements, it becomes a costly administrative task. hBITS Clinical Reporting solutions help you automate this process and operate it in a cost-effective manner.

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