Don’t settle for generic solutions when your business demands custom platforms and services. Access industry specific, niche services by hBITS, designed to meet your exact needs.

Reporting Service

Dynamic Data Capture and Real-time Reporting

Don’t let data delays affect your decision making and let your customers suffer from unsatisfactory experience. Tap into the power of cloud and advanced analytics to generate automated reports in real-time. Generate user-specific, dynamic reports with hBITS reporting services for business.

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Credentialing Service

Expert Credentialing Solutions Designed for Your Center

Provider credentialing is instrumental to error-free onboarding, resource utilization, and successful claim processing for your practice. With hBITS Credentialing services, define credentialing standards and process for your institution. Establish internal data sources and partner with external data providers for seamless credentialing verification.

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Data Transfer & Modulation Services

Take Your Data Where It’s Most Needed

Data transfer is a business-critical process, exposing your organization to information loss and security risks. Use hBITS data transfer and modulation services to plan, execute, and secure all data movements inside and outside the organization. Modulate data for efficient device and platform specific usage.

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Billing Service

Automate Billing for Revenue Maximization

The choice of billing solutions can have a significant impact on payment posting, payor verification, claim processing, and denial management. By automating key billing parameters, you can reduce manual errors, while meeting internal and external deadlines. With hBITS Billing Services, setup niche billing formats, procedures, and functionalities for your business.

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Scheduling Service

Intuitive Scheduling for Optimal Resource Utilization

Schedule management and care quality go hand in hand. Over-extended resources can’t offer quality care, whereas underutilized resources can cost your practice money and opportunity. hBITS Scheduling Services help you avoid these pitfalls and develop sustainable schedule management solutions for your institution.

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