Madhuri Mandaogade

Chief Executive Officer

Madhuri comes with decade of experience in mental & behavioral health solutions. In the beginning of her career she realized how much she loved designing solutions for clinicians, children and parents, which later translated to finding out what is of value and how to achieve that value regardless of technical or domain limitations. Her continued passion around this space has led us to build solution capabilities that are now part of our offerings.

She is the reason why competency is one of our core values. Regardless of the size, complexity, budget and strategy, her focus never deviates from the key goal of finding and matching tools for the work to be done, and ultimately increase value in business processes whether it is of our client’s or hBITS’s.

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Neelam Chavan

Chief Technology Officer

Neelam is a champion problem solver and a true engineer in essence. She leads company’s initiatives for adoption of innovative technologies. She was quick in identifying the need of scaling investments in cloud and automation technologies when the pandemic began. This was a big reason for the company to absorb the impact and overcome quickly. She is also our guru of designing interoperable systems using our co-innovative ecosystem.

She is an avid reader and focused on keeping always a solution in her back pocket for any problem. Her attention to detail and perfection is what drives us forward to creating success and long term relationships with our customers.

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Debasish Karmakar

Vice President Sales

A result-oriented professional offering nearly 19 years of experience in P&L, Business Operations, Growth & Expansion, GTM, Partnership & alliances, Client Relations, and Operational Planning across different domains & verticals. Skilled in Customer Relations, International Business & Labour Laws, and Merger & Acquisition. He Led Co-Innovation initiatives for large enterprises that bring together top-notch universities, product companies & startups to solve any problems under the sun.

He has generated new opportunities across 12 countries and has led multiple GTMs for new growth markets. In-depth understanding of the entire Startup Ecosystem and an Active investor for early-stage startups. Distinctively founded KidSit by Nauroo in 2016 (a multi-million dollar home-care startup), which had a successful exit in 2019.

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