Move beyond industry best practices and implement comprehensively customized treatment plans for autism patients in your care.

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Understanding Behavioral Analytics

Autism treatment and care is evolving as new behavioral evidence and research emerges every day. Children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can benefit most from treatments and behavioral interventions that are tailor-made for them. Off-the-shelf solutions are no longer viable if ASD patients are to be helped in achieving their fullest potential!

Behavioral Analytics helps care providers plan, develop, and implement comprehensive treatment plans for patients with ASD. The approach employs scientifically developed assessments, research based interventions, detailed process tracking, and regular measurement of treatment effectiveness.

With behavioral analytics and health treatment planning, autism care providers can shape their treatment as per specific patient needs and achieve maximum care impact.

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Our Unique Value Proposition

Our team of experts in Applied Behavior Analytics (ABA) brings years of research and experience on board to help you deliver superior care and treatment to your patients.

  • Customized, age-appropriate plans from basic to advanced level of skills
  • Unified treatment view accessible to parents, therapists, and care organization
  • Extensive library of 4000+ lessons across eight development areas
  • Easy to use and intuitive format for treatment and teaching implementation
  • Assessment to activity linkage to reduce mis-treatment and manual errors
  • Integrated data management and advanced analytics to allow for smart search

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Behavioral Analytics for Therapists

With hBITS Behavioral Health Treatment Planning platform, you can track every single patient with ASD from an integrated dashboard for therapists. Track and manage patient performance in 8 critical skills, i.e. academic, adaptive, cognition, executive functions, language, motor, play and social skills.

  • Organize skill based assessments and create patient profiles
  • Use Skills Analytics To Track Existing, In-Progress And Lost Skills Of Each Patient
  • Monitor Symptom Severity And Design Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP)
  • Generate Behavior Graphs, Clinical Timelines And Progress Summary Reports
  • Add, Manage, And Modify Payor Details For Each Patient
  • Generate Curriculum Specific IEP Goals For Treatment And Lesson Planning
  • Define care-giver or parent goals and priorities for holistic care

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