Extend the technical capabilities of your organization by partnering with hBITS and access technically advanced solutions while maintaining complete control over your data and functionality.

Application Development

Scalable, Secure, and Interactive Applications for Business

Build customer or B2B facing applications responsive to web, mobile, desktop, and all other relevant digital platforms. Make your resources and processes accessible to concerned stakeholders with custom-built, interactive applications. Maintain complete data security and integrity with hBITS’ Application Development services.

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Cloud Infrastructure Setup & Maintenance

Remote Access and Unfettered Data Capabilities with Cloud

Setup a uniquely personalized cloud infrastructure for your organization, ready for data and process migration. Ensure error-free migration and enhanced data accessibility for internal and external stakeholders. With hBITS as your technical service provider, you can completely outsource cloud infrastructure setup and maintenance, retaining focus on your core business activities.

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Data-warehousing and Business Intelligence

Centrally Managed Data for Intelligent Business Decisions

Growing organizations need centralized data warehousing and advanced data analytics to generate business intelligence. Partner with hBITS to establish powerful data collection and warehousing infrastructure for your organization. Access AI enabled data analytics for and develop business intelligence for key metrics of relevance.

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Integration & APIs

Uncompromising Information Flow and Integration between Applications

Applications and devices can seamlessly interact and respond to each other’s data needs with custom built APIs. hBITS integration and API building technical services determine the gaps between your IT infrastructure and shape organization-wide asset integration with advanced APIs. Minimize manual intervention and experience zero-lag, efficient processes.

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Digital Engineering

Next Gen Engineering and Innovation

Industry and business specific challenges demand niche solutions and products developed with deep business insight. Conceive, design, and develop completely new digital products for your customers, employees, and strategic partners. Leverage technological innovations and data-backed capabilities of hBITS Digital Engineering solutions for your business.

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Internet of Things

Embedded Connectivity and Continuous Exchange

Internet of things or IoT is the future of device network which businesses are just learning to benefit from. Devices with embedded sensors and software can enjoy continuous information exchange over the internet and develop an omniscient market visibility for providers. Ensure a secure and hassle-free adoption of IoT for your organization with hBITS IoT solutions.

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Application Maintenance & DevOps

Maintain Current Competencies and Develop Future Abilities

Application maintenance is a necessary investment to keep core business functions running smoothly. However, consistent improvement in existing applications can elevate business capabilities. With DevOps and application maintenance support from hBITS, expedite new solution development and advance your technical infrastructure sustainably.

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Application Modernization

Modernize Applications On-site and On-Cloud

Distinguish specific applications in your technological ecosystem to upgrade and modernize for enhanced performance. With modern technology stacks, update legacy applications into scalable and cloud-native versions, with minimal downtime and costs. Partner with hBITS for assisted intervention and end-to-end application modernization.

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Quality, Security & Compliance Assurance

Meet Compliance Demands with Secure Practices

Industry specific compliance and standards can influence your technology infrastructure and process design. But it shouldn’t limit your security concerns and quality focus. Design and maintain IT infrastructure with hBITS that is compliant, secure and exceeds the quality standards of the market.

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