Real-time information flow between providers and payors with advanced reporting services by hBITS.

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Reporting As A Niche Service

Healthcare reporting may be a standard requirement of every care provider, but every practice has its own set of expectations and needs when it comes to generating information. Both internal and external stakeholders may require varied reporting formats while seeking specific information, relevant to their process or role. Furthermore, to achieve operational efficiencies, daily and interval reporting has to adhere to strict timelines.

As a result, healthcare providers invest substantial amount of time and resources in managing their reporting needs. Several reporting software and integrated platforms are available in the market to facilitate this process. But the variables involved in reporting and the business impact of the process makes it virtually impossible to keep it a completely human or machine dependent process.

Reporting as a hybrid service, with specialized report design, real-time data capture, analytics, and visualization is the need of the hour.

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Why Choose hBITS As Your Reporting Partner?

hBITS offers reporting as a niche service for healthcare provider institutions and individual practitioners. We assist you in meeting specialized payor demands and by establishing seamless reporting process in sync with your operations and revenue cycle.

  • Complete report customization as per fields required by payors and providers
  • Significant reduction in time required for report processing and analysis
  • Adherence to payor prescribed formats for reduced payment rejections
  • Contextual report access on a cloud-based platform for reporting
  • Dynamic dashboard for quickly accessible report summary and broader data view
  • Resource visualization and scheduling guidance on a unified platform
  • Faster scrutiny of reports for compliance and claims management
  • Report availability alerts and notifications for payors and providers
  • Reduced delays in funding through comprehensive data access and visibility

Whether you are experiencing the increased reporting demands of your business for the first time or are just realizing the inefficiencies of your current process; our reporting services are the answer to your search.

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