When you know exactly what you need, hBITS ready solutions are meant for you. Save time and effort to streamline your processes and optimize operations with our ready-to-use solutions.

Contracts & Credentialing Management

Stay on Top of Your Provider Contracts

Provider contracts and credentials require meticulous management to ensure practice compliance and optimal revenue realization. Don’t let the administrative demands of these activities keep you from providing quality patient care and experience. Experience seamless contracts and credentialing management with Concred by hBITS.

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Clinical Services Scheduling Management

Automatic Scheduling for Resource Optimization

To meet all patient requirements and optimally utilize your providers’ time, your center’s scheduling management has to be spot on. Experience automation of clinical services and scheduling management to effectively improve your contract fulfillment rate. Make the most of your facilities, design and deliver need-based care and monitor every critical process with hBITS’ Calmanac.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Strengthen Your Revenue Cycle With Digital Transformation

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is the foundational cornerstone that keeps your practice financially healthy and running. Take your RCM to the next level with intuitive automation and advanced analytics. Bring proactiveness in your payment posting, denial management and claim processing with hBITS’ RCM solutions.

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Behavioral Health Treatment Planning

Plan and Deliver Treatments with Maximum Impact

Develop customized treatment plans for patients with ASD and deliver quality care, every single time. Tap into the vast reserve of patient and provider interaction data to conduct Applied Behavioral Analytics (ABA). Access integrated data management, assessment linkages, and AI-enabled treatment tracking with hBITS’ Behavioral Health Treatment Planning solutions.

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Behavioral Health Data Collection

Collect Meaningful Data to Support Your Services

Behavioral health treatment and care needs careful planning and data backed evidence for successive modifications. Use the power of AI and advanced analytics to collect and analyze health data. Organize on-demand assessments and identify data sources for behavioral health data collection with hBITS.

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