Measure hundreds of financial and service quality metrics for your practice, with hBITS’ Healthcare Quality Matrix.

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Understanding Quality Metrics

Quality metrics are essentially different parameters that aid measurement of various parameters that enable a healthcare practice to design and deliver quality care. Broadly, these metrics focus on four key aspects:

  • Input i.e. Organization Structure and/or Systems
  • Process i.e. care delivery procedures and mechanisms
  • Outcomes i.e. successful delivery of healthcare against defined goals
  • Patient Perception of quality of care

Healthcare quality is determined by its effectiveness, safety, efficiency, patient-centricity, equitability and timely delivery. For your healthcare practice, quality metrics may vary but the fundamental goals for quality of care will remain same.

What Gets Measured, Gets Done

Quality of healthcare can only be sustainably improved if it is measured. And it is very much possible to quantify even the most nuanced quality aspects of your practice.

  • Track training and care effectiveness for your practice
  • Compare care delivery across providers and locations
  • Measure patient accessibility to and experience with quality care
  • Capture resource utilization and risk adjusted utilization

Map staff performance against practice goals and individual provider goals, to realistically gauge what’s helping your practice grow and what’s hurting you.

Customized Matrix To Achieve Your Goals

Standardized or off-the-shelf quality metrics can’t help you achieve your practice’s specific goals. At hBITS, we not only understand that but have built our healthcare quality management consulting around it.

  • We understand your goals to determine quality metrics to be measured
  • We deep-dive into your existing processes to identify relevant matrix parameters
  • We establish data sources to consolidate process data on a single platform
  • We build data sources for quality parameters, if no pre-defined sources exist
  • We help you access ground-reality of your practice with real-time data

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Deliver High Quality Care Every Single Time

hBITS’ experienced clinicians and executive teams help you in defining clear quality benchmarks and standards for your staff to follow, across hundreds of care giving processes.

  • Experience unprecedented process efficiency
  • Detect process and care-quality gaps in real-time
  • Access data-backed insights to take corrective measures

Maintain an uncompromising commitment towards healthcare quality, despite ever evolving patient needs, organizational dynamics, and industry ecosystem.

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