Grow your business at an accelerated rate and leverage next-gen technologies with customized applications, developed to meet your business needs.

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Applications To Go Mobile

Take your products and service offerings to your customers on the devices they prefer for all sorts of interactions. Go mobile with custom built business applications, that can provider a full-service experience to your customers.

  • In-Depth Need and Market Analysis for App Development
  • Complete Control Over Application Design and UX
  • Agile Engineering and Faster Delivery to Match Business Needs
  • Regular App Maintenance and Quality Assurance

Enjoy complete data accessibility and manage customer-business interactions on the go with need-specific apps designed by hBITS.

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Applications For Startups and Small Businesses

In-house app development for startup and small businesses that are not in the SaaS or tech business can be financially draining. Furthermore, there is no guarantee if all the desired objectives and functionalities will be achieved with the end-product. A poorly developed application not only fails to retain users, it costs the business not only money, but time, resources and opportunity.

Partner with hBITS to develop advanced web and mobile applications, as per your exact requirement.

  • Develop apps for B2B and B2C formats
  • Cloud integration to host and manage your applications
  • Fast, cost-effective, technically sound applications
  • Custom algorithms, design, and user experience
  • End-to-end app maintenance and modifications

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Applications For Healthcare

Transform the way you manage your resources and deliver quality care by adopting mobile applications for real-time business intelligence and data accessibility. Let your patients, providers, staff, and payors experience a truly seamless ecosystem of information access and process transparency.

Develop fully-integrated applications with hBITS for:

  • Appointment Management for Patients and Providers
  • Multi-center Resource Management
  • Telemedicine and Telehealth facilitation
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Patient Engagement and Feedback

And much more.

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Why Choose hBITS For Application Development?

Business application development is a highly involved process which requires your collaborating partner to understand your business model, the need and scope for the app, and the deliverables that are expected. We at hBITS invest in this journey with you to develop and deliver an application that performs as promised.

  • Develop a clear product (application) vision and development path
  • Collaboratively research and ideate to zero-in on required features
  • Factor in the user-journey to define app interface and experience
  • Present a functional prototype for viability testing
  • Build and deploy at an accelerated pace for cost efficiency
  • Monitor app metrics and sustainably maintain functionality

Collaborate with hBITS application development division and work with the best consultants, developers, and designers in the industry to build the app you need.

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