Enjoy hassle-free contract compliance and credentialing management with ConCred.

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Smart Solutions For Your Specific Needs

Autism Treatment is a healthcare niche which requires tailor-made solutions for their credentialing and compliance needs. ConCred by hBITS significantly reduces the compliance management load for your Autism center, ensuring that you get paid 100% of the time.

  • Provide Services As Per Contract Terms
  • Become In-network Provider For Insurance Companies
  • Monitor Funding Requirements of Your Practice

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Information Transparency& Accessibility

Access every important metric for your center in a single screen with ConCred’s dynamic dashboard. Designed to offer real-time updates, ConCred’s dashboard ensures that you don’t miss any contract, provider, and payor information.

  • View Providers Clear To Work Against Active Providers
  • Track Contract Expiry and Missing Rates
  • Manage Funder Complaints and Non Compliant Locations

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Effective Contract Management

Manage all provider contracts as per compliance requirements, tracking billing and audit rules from a single platform. ConCred’s Contracts module allows you to use different combinations of condition categories to meet the ever-evolving credentialing demands.

  • Upload New Contracts and Make Amendments to Existing Contracts
  • Set Contract Rates Matched with Office Locations and CPT Codes
  • View Contract Type, Rules, Timelines, and Alerts

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Providers Credentialing Management

Provider credentials require constant monitoring and updating to match payor contract requirements. ConCred’s Providers module enables you to effortlessly manage provider details with greater efficiency and accuracy.

  • Enroll New Providers & Check Enrollment Status With Payors
  • Submit Enrollment Applications From The Portal Itself
  • Access CAQH Data of all Providers
  • Check Provider Compliance and Verification Status

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Seamless Center Administration

ConCred’s Admin module is designed to increase your process visibility and reduce errors in day-to-day operations. The module offers a wide range of capabilities along with complete customizability of user specific access.

  • Set-up Compliance Categories and Clearance Criteria
  • Define and Manage Credentialing Categories
  • Manage Office Locations and Service Inventory

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Business Intelligence With Custom Reports

Wield the power of data for decision making with customized reports for your center. ConCred’s Report module offers flexibility and complete control of the data insights you need to access every day.

  • Payor Specific Roster Formats
  • Internal Audit Reports of all Providers
  • Contracts and Office Location Reports

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Why Choose hBITS’ ConCred

ConCred is a unique solution developed by hBITS that focuses on contracting and credentialing requirements of both Payors and Providers. Use ConCred to advise, update, and ensure availability of the right mode and scope of treatment for your patients.

  • Manage Contracts and Amendments Life-Cycle
  • Track Correspondence and Contract Timelines
  • Create a Single Source of Information For Contracts and Terms
  • Ensure 100% payment for all the services provided
  • Manage compliance audits and avoid term violations
  • Use single dashboard for reporting and data access
  • Streamline operational process and reduce workload
  • Effectively define center capacity and forecast resource engagement

With few existing pre-conditions, ConCred is perfect for mental and behavioral healthcare providers, and includes coverage of supplemental services.

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