End to End IT infrastructure as a service for cloud transformation

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July 12, 2020
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October 23, 2020

End to End IT infrastructure as a service for cloud transformation

According to a study by IDC, more than one-third of all IT spending worldwide now involves building infrastructure to support cloud computing. Cloud computing as a service comes in three forms, and the classic primary forms are IaaS (Infrastructure – as – a – Service) and Cloud Platform as a Service (CSP). For example, Gartner has found that it is the fastest-growing segment, even though it is not the largest, with the two largest sizes being cloud storage and computing services, as well as cloud infrastructure.

IaaS is one of the primary cloud service delivery models. It is ideal for companies looking for cost-effective infrastructure offerings. IaaS offers elastic and scalable infrastructure resources to handle workloads arising from unexpected demand for computing power.

Enterprises can instantly meet business requirements by provisioning resources and infrastructure components. A real important feature of IaaS includes automation, dynamic scaling, desktop virtualization, and policy-based services.

Enterprises are migrating to the cloud to modernize and improve business performance

Out of the many benefits of Cloud We would like to list down a few pointers in this blog and continue it as series over the coming days.

  • Reduce build time with Cloud

By using environment provisioning using Intelligent Automation using technologies like Chef and Tomcat, about 80% of the total environment build process can be automated. It brings agility within the development team, thereby allowing the team to focus on more critical tasks. In short lack of Automation in Cloud hinders agility. In today’s world, large enterprises compete with start-ups who were born in the cloud. As start-ups are not hindered with legacy architecture, they can move faster. Hence Large Enterprises must initiate their cloud journey sooner or later.

  • Create a unified Customer experience with cloud

Large enterprises build multiple systems, that may work in Silos. A large company uses various systems that it had acquired over time to support its customers. It was proving cumbersome as these systems were not integrated.  As a result, Silo-ed data scattered across various back end hinders a seamless customer experience on the front end. The customer contact and product data sets can be easily integrated on the cloud using REST API and hence create a unified customer experience. As a result, legacy systems can be retired over time.

  • Data Integration in the Cloud for better care

Security fears had prevented Healthcare providers to move to the cloud. Many healthcare organisations are now moving to the cloud because of the improved security. Cloud also enables healthcare organisations to meet their compliance requirement.

The need to bring disparate data together is a must for healthcare providers.

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